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    im currently using a wireless G router with WPA2 security. BB 8320 model. The problem is, when I copy and paste a 63 character WPA encryption key that im using with my router into my phone to connect to the router, it keeps giving me the "W000 - Security Key Incorrect" notice. I continued to trouble shoot and realized that I cannot use anything over a 43 key. Anything below a 43 key and whamoo, the phone connects to the router with no problems. Now a 42 character key is still good., but its not as good as a 63 character key. im wondering if anyone here could shed some light on the subject. I email myself the key and then proceed to copy it from my phones email folder, I then paste it where it asks for the PSK shared key. Thanks for any help!
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    Now a 42 character key is still good., but its not as good as a 63 character key.
    Ye gods, man, are you trying to safeguard nuclear secrets? A 42 character WPA key is more than enough as long as it isn't a sentence. Try stringing together the model and serial #s off all your appliances. The spy next door will have to torture it out of you, he'll never crack it. That's assuming he's not intercepting the shared keys you keep sending yourself in open text emails.

    If you must have WPA2, make sure your router and phone are both using WPA2, and both are using the same WPA2 algorithm. Your phone is probably chopping the key at 42 because you set it to WPA"1".
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    Just to clear something up. The WPA/WPA2 key you're talking about is a pre shared authentication key. The encryption key is derived from this PSK using a hash function and is 256 bits, regardless.

    The reason we want to use a 63 character string is to provide a truly random 256 bit encryption key.

    The wikipedia entry on WPA has more detailed information on this. Unfortunately I can't post the link because my post count is less than 10.

    There are good sites out there that will generate a random WPA 63 character ASCII string.
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