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    There are certain web pages whose mobile versions are worse than their "normal" versions (for example, the site hs.fi has numerous pages that don't even load in the mobile version). How do I go back to the "normal" version of a given web page? As I recall, this is done by typing some kind of command in the URL field of your browser, but I don't remember what the command is.

    02-12-11 12:57 AM
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    When I went to the site you mentioned, I got a popup message asking if I wanted to view the mobile version of the site. Should I assume you don't get that popup message anymore because you chose [OK] once upon a time?

    Also, a lot of websites have an option at the bottom of the page to switch between the mobile site and the full site. Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't.

    If you do find out the command needed to enter in a website address to force it to display the full version of their site, lemme know because there are some sites that don't have the option I mentioned above.

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    02-13-11 07:15 PM