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    Was doing some research on this New Nokia X and found this picture on the site Nokia XL Dual SIM - Affordable dual SIM smartphone with Android™ apps - Nokia. Pretty cool they are showing off BBM and not Skype or Whatsapp.

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    03-16-14 08:35 PM
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    That is cool. It's been previously announced that the Nokia X platform will have BBM available from launch.
    03-16-14 08:53 PM
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    Here's the pic in question from link above:

    03-16-14 09:07 PM
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    It seems like a lot of the shots that they promote the devices with seem to show BBM front and center, might be just me tho
    Kinda cool if you ask me. Almost seems like they are proud to have BBM on board. Also might be because it's aimed at emerging markets

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    03-16-14 09:11 PM
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    I don't like it. It looks like they are trying to steal the spotlight from the z3. I hope the z3 launches soon, because this is bad news for blackberry, a phone with dual SIM cards, bbm, is cheaper, and has the Nokia brand.
    So I finally caved in and looked at the Nokia X/XL line to see what it's all about. I think one thing we can ALL agree on, is that BlackBerry has to start giving specific information MUCH quicker. These two devices were announced with a 24 hour span of each other, Nokia manages to have a website I can go to with literally everything about the phone put up beautifully. Meanwhile, some folks in the forums still hoping that the z3 has a a 720p screen, whilst some official/rumour published on gsmarena, points that it'll have a qHD display (540 x 960). This is silly. We shouldn't have to scratch our heads for info, BlackBerry should have it listed on their website simple and nicely for people to reach. Or else the hype is pretty much killed as we move out attention to 'what's next' and become prone to forget about a phone that the manufacturer isn't offering much info about.... Lol that was much longer than I anticipated

    Now to reply to your comment. You're absolutely right. The X line has a lot of potential to cloud the entry level market without a doubt. I come from an African county, and I can tell you that the Nokia name and dual sim capability is a crazy bonus in their books. BUT, the Even the XL line has some issues, it's adoption of the 4.1 android operating system makes it hella slow whilst the new KitKat (which is much friendlier on weaker devices) should've been implemented instead. It also still lacks the Google play store & services support, instead it will be using its own meager app line up to start off with. The Z3 stilll carries the BlackBerry brand, and I know of a gooood chunk of people in ny home country that choose it no matter what. The fact that it had more RAM, Battery capacity, internal storage makes it more future proof. The fact that it can run both the BB10 OS and a higher version of Android runtime would give it a competitive head start. But as I said, BlackBerry needs much more info on both the device specs + specific availability dates to maintain the easily swaying eyes of consumers.

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    03-17-14 03:49 AM
  6. SalMan50's Avatar
    While I somewhat agree, the Nokia x line retailing between 80 to 120 euros, at that price point the consumers are not going to care about future proofing or a large app library. it's going to be a very uphill battle, especially in Indonesia, where the masses mirror both our assertion that dual sim and the Nokia brand will trump bb's cachet, add iPod colors and preload bbm, that's icing on the cake for consumers from developing countries. I hope Chen has a surprise for us.
    +1 :]
    Indeed I'm hoping there's some few tricks up his sleeves that he's waiting to show last minute. If not, then this deafening silence would envelope us completely and it'll all be for nil.

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    03-17-14 07:24 AM
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    Kinda makes me think that the windows phone version is right around the corner.

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    03-17-14 07:28 AM

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