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    Nokia Lumia 900 Camera Extension app previewed in Hong Kong (video) - Engadget

    Well, there we go. Another "BB10 exclusive" will be on other phones before BB10.
    05-21-12 09:45 AM
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    Not the same.
    this is however the same
    as the camera app on the new HTC
    one an S3 taking it a step higher.

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    05-21-12 09:51 AM
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    BB10 why you take so long to come

    Please don't be another one that builds up the climax, only to crash and burn.
    05-21-12 09:55 AM
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    i don't think it is exclusive. The bb10 timeline camera uses scalado's technology. If you see their website, they do offer sdk for manufacturer to integrate into the operating system. I don't think RIM purchased scalado, so i think they are just partnering up, or RIM simply licensed their camera technology.
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    05-21-12 12:50 PM
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    So far I've seen, it's not the same technology (i.e may not be Scalado's). While samsung takes a bunch of pictures (5 on the 3rd video demo), BB10 seems to capture around 5-6 seconds of HD video (30 fps) which offers something really different.

    EDITED : above is inaccurate info see here : http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=7412448 (but bellow remains accurate !)

    Also note the lag between the scene (look behind the phone the head moving of on subject) and the phone screen ... happy shutter lol. Plus the processing time before you can interact with the picture, etc.
    Gadget against feature ...
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    05-21-12 01:19 PM
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    Does BlackBerry 10's camera app get by with a little help from Scalado Rewind? (Update: Yes) -- Engadget

    Official statement from RIM's Senior Manager of Public Relations Patti McKague:

    "RIM has been working with Scalado on camera technology and has licensed some of the Scalado technology for the BlackBerry 10 platform. As shown during the BlackBerry World Keynote, RIM is planning a unique implementation of the technology on BlackBerry 10 to provide an incredible user experience, allowing for more customization by the user and enabling them to easily capture and share their perfect moments."
    05-22-12 09:32 PM