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    The Nokia brand name will start to appear on Microsoft’s Bing Maps not only on Windows Phones, but also on rival handsets with the mobile navigation app installed such as Research In Motion (RIM).

    According to Pocket-lint, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that handset owners would start to see the Nokia branding soon, and not only the Finnish company’s own smartphones.

    “You’ll starting seeing the word ‘Nokia’ on a map that you get from Microsoft properties over a period of time,” said Elop in an exclusive interview with Pocket-lint at the CES in Las Vegas.

    The Nokia and Microsoft partnership did not disclose this information until now so news will likely surprise BlackBerry maker RIM, which already announced to add Bing Maps to the BlackBerry OS.

    “Even if you are on a BlackBerry device, who recently said they were going to start using Bing Maps,” he added.
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    What do you guys think about this? In a way I think it's a good thing, BING MAPs suck outside of North America, (it's a very USA centric app) Me I would love to have seen BlackBerry continue to use Google Maps, but I can see why they are not any more seeing as Google is backing away from supporting BlackBerrys, and keeping Google Maps Nav to them selves on Android (I would LOVE to see that app on my BB)

    That being said, are they going to be incorperating Nokia Maps into Bing, or will it be the same Crappy Bing Maps, just advertising a competing manufacturer?

    Also, RIM can't be happy that they are going to be adertising NOKIA everytime they have someone open a map...I wonder how long their deal with M$ is.....
    01-22-12 01:43 PM