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    I manage a BES Server (4.1.3) with about 100 users. One user who has worked here for 6+ years going from Cingular devices in the beginning to most recently Verizon devices states that he has NEVER had his Outlook Address book/Contacts sync wirelessly with his device since he's been here.

    He HAD 1700+ contacts in his Outlook along with another 1400+ from a shared users address book. He's weeded his contacts down to 400 and removed the shared contacts (I think). However, he also has a 14 GB mailbox (though wireless email seems to work just fine.)

    Any thoughts as to why his contacts won't sync???
    03-17-08 03:58 PM
  2. gregory_opera's Avatar
    Your best bet is to ask in the Administrator's forum...

    Most of the guys in this particular forum are users (not Administrators) and will have little knowledge of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

    Posting in the correct forum, the Administrator's forum, will give you a more accurate and possibly faster answer to your question...

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    03-18-08 05:31 AM