1. greg.fenton's Avatar
    On a BB 9800 Torch, OS

    I had a 4GB microSD card that came with the BB. I recently got an 8GB card, copied the full contents of the 4GB to my PC, copied from my PC to the 8GB, and inserted the 8GB to the BB. I can see all the files I expected to see when using Applications >> Files >> Media Card.

    However, when I open Media >> Pictures, I get a title screen showing the message "No pictures". Same goes for Camera >> View Pictures.

    Camera >> Options has Store Pictures set to "On Media Card".

    When I take a picture with the camera, I see a thumbnail preview of that picture in the lower-left corner, but clicking it won't view the picture and neither will Camera >> View Pictures...it still has "No pictures".

    However, if I use Applications >> Files and browse to File Folders >> Media Card >> BlackBerry >> camera, I can see my newly taken image along with dozens of previously taken photos.

    Thoughts on what to try next?
    05-14-12 07:38 PM
  2. bacon.jay's Avatar
    You need to format the new card then put everything back on, I had the same issue when I tried to update my phone from OS5 to OS6 several months ago. I still haven't gotten around to pulling everything off and reformatting.
    05-14-12 10:40 PM