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    I understand liking having an SD card. I have the 128GB version and still have plenty of space available. I keep all my photos and videos on the phone. I also like guaranteed updates, especially given what I'm reading about Samsung lately. One day if Apple decides to play nice with others I'll get an iPhone. I have a work iPhone and I hate it.
    Yes, if you want timely updates you’d best stick with Pixel.

    Unfortunately with Samsung your OS and Security Updates are subject to your Region and Network, so they may release an update but whether your region gets it today or in 2 months is a whole other problem and then if your phone was bought on a network provider they are also gatekeepers. Not all updates filter down or even arrive sometimes.

    I believe OnePlus are the best outside of the Google Pixel line when it comes to fast updates? My mates OnePlus 3T (he since moved to a OnePlus 7T) used to receive updates faster than my S7 Edge and Note8, both of which are still waiting for a Security update to fix Samsungs latest vulnerability. Latest update for my S7 Edge is February 2020 and latest for Note8 is March 2020, so quite a few months before we see that important May 2020 update....if it ever comes, so both remain open to this huge vulnerability :/
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