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    He must have a strong IT background.
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    02-25-16 02:20 PM
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    Think April 1st will help
    ^^^ THIS !
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    02-25-16 02:36 PM
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    ^^^ THIS !
    isn't April fools on that date?
    02-25-16 02:49 PM
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    In the past, lots of people have sounded the death-knell for Blackberry but many of us still believed that whilst they were making excellent phones with a great OS, this was not the end but rather a period of regrouping whilst they got ready to get back in the game.

    Whether BB10 failed because of a lack of marketing, apps or because it was just too darn difficult for newbies to get the hang of doesn't really matter; it's time has come and sadly, now gone.

    Going Android was the only logic step left and the Priv seemed to make sense. It was generally well received. I don't know how good sales were and I have yet to see one in the wild but I was hoping that it would herald the start of a new line of Blackberries. Yes, maybe Android would take some getting used to after the (in many respects) superior BB10 but with a well made phone with a good keyboard, I was prepared to at least give the transition a go.

    Only now I have some serious reservations. MWC is over and nothing from Blackberry except for a update on BES. No launch of new Android phones, no mention of Vienna, nothing.

    I think we must all now accept that the Blackberry phone is a thing of the past. It has finally become the relic that most of the public seem to think it already is.

    So, does anyone else think the party is finally over? Only the very small hardcore is left but even we must finally accept that the bar is closed, the music has stopped and the caretaker is sweeping up.

    Or did they launch a bunch of excellent phones at MWC that are taking the market by storm and Crackberry just didn't get round to publishing it because all of the staff were so excited?
    Since BlackBerry doesn't want to make any new all touch Android phones I'm moving on to the new Samsung s7. Very nice looking phone! I ll definitely miss the hub, peak and flow of BB10

    Posted via CB10
    Many ends, everyday a new end, does anyone have any doubt about BlackBerry 's end?

    Posted via CB10
    I've read several posts similar to this over the last couple of months, and I really don't understand how people can believe that such a thing is even possible.

    Consumer technology is a fast moving, constantly evolving thing... there's no "pause" button, or opportunity to take a break. It's not like sitting-out the next couple of dances while you catch your breath and have a drink, then come back refreshed. You sit out the technology game, and you're done! The "dances" change and you'll never be able to get back.

    I reckon the lack of announcement of anything at MWC should tell you everything you need to know about how the Priv is selling, the prospects of seeing the Vienna, and how "soon" Marshmallow is coming. The silence is also probably indicative of BB reaching a decision on the future of Hardware (hint: it doesn't have a future).

    I'll prepare myself for the "BB hasn't announced the end of anything, so nothing can be ending" responses... because that theory worked so well for BB10.
    A while ago Chen said that he was going to crack down on leaks, yet they still came. Now, they seemed to have finally stopped but what we do not know is if the leaks stopped coming because Chen really did bring down the hammer, or, if there is simply nothing to leak?

    When we hear something over and over again we start to believe it. Then, when we seek out information, we tend to view from that perspective. So if one believe's that Chen wants to kill hardware then that is all they will "see" in what-ever Chen says/does. Of course the same is true for those who do not believe that hardware is dead. Well, not anytime soon, anyways.

    I am a "at this moment the liquid in the glass is at the halfway point" kind of guy. I can see it going up and going down. I can see where Chen/BlackBerry are showing their commitment to hardware, and can also see where they seem to doing things half-azzzzzed.

    In early 2014 Chen said that he would exit devices if he could not turn it around. This is when he told Reuters that he believed he could profit from only 10M sales/year. So, how can BlackBerry do this when LG and Huawei are struggling to profit from 50M+/year? From the corporate and government users and $700 handsets. This is why the number dropped by half and this is their play with the Priv. When Chen announced the Priv, he said he would give hardware another year, then, at code\\mobile, said that he would give it until March 2016 to make a decision. Considering that he also stated it would take the Priv a year or two to get the certs necessary for those in high security, it is likely that one decision he may make is to give it another year.

    To this idea that Chen is looking to exit hardware, well, it is not that simple. If it were, they would have already done so. If this is something that Chen truly wants, then he cannot exit hardware until hardwear is profitable. Why? Because it is not like they can just shut it down. If it comes down to it, when they do end hardware, they will sell it off either in part or in whole. To BlackBerry, it is not worth it to liquidate devices, and it is not worth to anyone to buy pieces of their device division, so they would want to sell the whole division in one swoop--which would only be worthwile to both BlackBerry and the buyer after hardware has been turned around.

    No matter what percentage of BlackBerry's revenue is from device sales, exiting hardware would accelerate their focus on software, MDM, and other corporate/government solutions. It would also increase their valuation and stock. Once again, if this is Chen's plan it serves him nor BlackBerry any purpose to drag it out. Considering that he has yet to take BlackBerry out of hardware, it is because he can't, not that he won't.

    Here is another catch: as a cross-platform software company, BlackBerry is reliant on Apple, MS, Google, et al. on not developing their own solutions. That is why BlackBerry partnered with Samsung (Knox), Google (AfW) and MS (Azure). However, at any point in time one or all could change the rules. By keeping their own hardware BlackBerry also keeps themselves relevant. I mean, Apple forced Adobe to change their business model and Apple promotes Face Time, and Google has Hangouts--both of which are why BBM has yet to relevant on either iPhone or Android despite the large numbers of downloads. AfW, Azure, Knox, or what ever Apple my implement can easily make BES/MDM irrelevant. Or at least give it a run for the money.

    I am simplifying this, sure, but my point is that it is not easy for BlackBerry to exit hardware at this point in time no matter how much it may be dragging BlackBerry down.

    Apple did not release any devices at MWC either and the updated 5 SE is coming Soon. Perhaps another time (when not compared to the S7,G5, and all the other newer Android slabs) would be more beneficial?

    The White Knight-BlackBerry Passport
    Did Apple ever participate in MWC?

    Edit : I mean I have no clue about the future of HW division but what happens in MWC shouldn't be considered as relevant in that matter.
    Nope, and also considering because it is only one of many events throughout the year.

    Both the Leap, and the phone that became the Priv were announced at previous MWC's.

    The failure to announce the heavily-anticipated Vienna, or provide news on Marshmallow, or provide anything hardware related at MWC is (IMO) *hugely* relevant as an indicator for the likely future of Hardware (and also the future for BB's Android adventure).
    Were they not announced at the same event? The Venice was more or less leaked, not announced. As I have stated in another thread, it is my opinion that BlackBerry should have held off on the Priv and announced it at this year's MWC. I sometimes wonder if this was not their intentions all along and that Chen truly did give into pressures from leaks and rumors?

    As for Marshmallow, I personally do not see why BlackBerry would need to announce this to the world at MWC.

    Potential customers wanted to know that the Vienna was coming - a roadmap . Is BlackBerry committed to making phones or is the PRIV the last. This lack of commitment killed the Z30.

    Posted via CB10
    For what it is worth, we are among the small percentage who even know about this device.

    A roadmap would be welcomed, yes.

    It was John Chen who opened the door on the speculation. They should have just said that there would not be a new phone to be showcased at the MWC.

    "In an interview with Bloomberg, Chen elaborated when asked about plans for another Android phone, "Depends on the Priv. If the Priv is well received in the market and looks like it is. There's a good chance [...], we will still focus on the high-end probably closer to mid-range coming out in 2016."

    Posted via CB10
    No, it was Bla1ze who opened the door on the Vienna, which not only has its own sub-forum based solely on one leaked render, but oddly enough has its own sub-forum on Android Central, too.

    Chen has not confirmed the Vienna specifically, but did say they have a second Android handset waiting in the wings. I do believe it was said in the same interview; your snipped text removed the part where Chen said the "Vienna" may be announced around MWC. Not at it. To continue, he went on to mention that the announcement of the next device is dependent on sales of the Priv.

    Chen speaks in a very particular way: he uses the denotation of words, not their connotation. Meaning, he uses the literal dictionary definitions and not the more common usages. Most people use the connotations. So, to understand what Chen is saying you must take his words at face value. What Chen is really saying regarding their next handset is that it will be announced when the sales of the Priv reach a favorable level, which may be now (or very soon). Or maybe later in the year, if at all. Chen also said they were only going to release one to two new devices per year; there is still plenty of time for the announcement.

    See I don't think Enterprise is as ignorant as you want to believe they are..... I think current BBOS/BB10/BES customers are fully aware of what is going on with BlackBerry, and are very concerned about the future and how it may impact them. They may not necessary be looking for the Vienna, but any kind of indicator that the Android "solution" is going to be long term. I doubt the few of them that just made the transition from BBOS to BB10 are expecting that BlackBerry's lack of new BB10 Devices (granted for just 2016) and the commitment for two minor updates is a good sign. They are watching BlackBerry.

    MWC is a time to talk about immediate plans and long term plans..... At the very least it was a missed opportunity to reassure customers. If Marshmallow is on track for a release soon.... why not mention it? Why not have the PRIV there and show it with at least a beta of Marshmallow and talk about how it offers better security?
    MWC is roughly 10% handsets and 90% everything else. Yeah, it is typically used to announce new devices but consider this year's highlights: mobile health, NFC, apps, green tech, IoT, wearables. Keynote speakers included those from advertising, banking, NGOs, entertainment, education, and a few others. Mark Zuckerberg was one of them. Presentations included such topics as "How can corporations partner with start-ups", and "How to crowdfund a project". What BlackBerry presented, and did not present, is more in line with the spirit of MWC.

    However, in my opinion MWC '16 would have been a great place for BlackBerry to further discuss their partnerships with Samsung and Knox and with Google and AfW.

    In the entire world wide customer base of BlackBerry, Verizon is not a big deal. Also if BBM ceased to exist not a huge issue. Still I agree with you that BlackBerry has to show that they will continue to develop their OS.
    Nope, it is a big deal. For one, the U.S. is one of BlackBerry's weakest markets--and has historically always been. So not only is it the one with the most potential growth, but also the one that may set a trend. Verizon is the largest (and by a hair, mind you) network in the U.S. It is also CDMA. Unlike nearly everywhere else on the planet, Verizon customers simply cannot just pick up a GSM Priv, pop in their in SIM, and have a new phone. This point cannot be stressed enough: outside of switching carriers--which many Verizon customers either do not want to do, or could not even if they did--we simply cannot get the Priv. Period. BlackBerry officially announced that the Priv will be coming to Verizon, twice. The first time was back in October. Verizon confirmed they were going to carry it in November. I am not going to rehash the entirety of the Verizon Priv Waiting Room (which by the way is the most viewed and most active "regular" thread in the Priv forum, btw), but: where is it? Verizon is the only market that was announced so long ahead of time, and yet still no signs of when they are going to launch. Half the U.S. is cut off from this phone. Even if they don't want it, they do not even have the option to "not buy it".

    Some on Verizon have already left, others contemplating it. Some have already pre-ordered the GS7, some are contemplating it.
    02-25-16 03:12 PM
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    isn't April fools on that date?
    It's strange, earlier it was a Feb date... but they changed it for some reason.
    02-25-16 03:26 PM
  6. JeepBB's Avatar
    It's strange, earlier it was a Feb date... but they changed it for some reason.
    Isn't ER day always the last Friday one month after the end of the quarter. The quarter ends on Monday, 29th February (I think), so Friday 1st April is consistent with BB's normal practice being (sort of... LOL) the last Friday in March.
    02-25-16 03:34 PM
  7. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Isn't ER day always the last Friday one month after the end of the quarter. The quarter ends on Monday, 29th February (I think), so Friday 1st April is consistent with BB's normal practice being (sort of... LOL) the last Friday in March.
    I don't really know.... Just remember looking once before and it was a March date.


    Maybe that first date was a typo.... maybe they moved it.....
    02-25-16 03:42 PM
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    I don't really know.... Just remember looking once before and it was a March date.


    Maybe that first date was a typo.... maybe they moved it.....
    Maybe BB has a sense of humour?

    Moving an Earnings Report to April Fools Day... now, that shows style!
    02-25-16 03:47 PM
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    When asked about the possibility of BlackBerry further shifting its focus away from hardware should the company’s new security consulting services prove successful, Beard steadfast denied the prospect.

    “No, I think if you look at it, we have hardware solutions, we have software solutions and we have services. We’re bringing all that together based on what we talked about during this meeting…” said Beard. “It’s not a preference so much, it’s a demand from our customer base and an opportunity to grow revenue.”

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    02-25-16 05:16 PM
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    What are the hardware solutions? Are these the solutions that non consumer buyers want? Their customer base for hardware is not their customer base for software / services and saying it is the same base for both does not make it true .

    Just a point about Verizon. The stats I am looking at show that Verizon has about 1/3 of the US market. In theory then the sales by AT&T should similar to what Verizon could sell? Say that Verizon could sell 70,000 PRIV's in a quarter, could BlackBerry make a profit on those units?

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    02-25-16 06:51 PM
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    Signs aren't good... obviously

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    02-25-16 08:54 PM
  12. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    What are the hardware solutions?
    Chen allusively explained that "devices" were not the only "hardware" BlackBerry is/will be involved in.
    As of date it is - AFAIK - the single slice of the cake, but I'd guess there will be more in the IoT/infrastructures segments pretty soon.
    02-26-16 04:13 AM
  13. Bbnivende's Avatar
    Chen allusively explained that "devices" were not the only "hardware" BlackBerry is/will be involved in.
    As of date it is - AFAIK - the single slice of the cake, but I'd guess there will be more in the IoT/infrastructures segments pretty soon.
    No it is just spin. Clearly, BlackBerry has not been able to maintain its Enterprise customer base. If BlackBerry can make the most secured Android device for Enterprise and Government then they should be highlighting this fact . They should also make a phone that Enterprise might prefer - not a PKB.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-26-16 04:47 AM
  14. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Too bad there was no Vienna...
    02-26-16 07:20 AM
  15. jefbeard911's Avatar
    Well, for anyone who is not in total denial this should have been evident at least a year ago or more...
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    02-26-16 08:46 AM
  16. Asvertus's Avatar
    Myself, I feel the corporate numbers is April will determine wether the hardware division survives or not? I also think the lack of any news at the MWC was not a good sign for a once iconic brand. I also wanted to know if someone who was there at the MWC actually went inside the Blackberry booth to see what was displayed behind the door? Most of the pictures I seen showed a greeting desk in front of a booth.
    Perhaps it was the desk for the condolence book.

    Posted from my Z30 ( patched 2813 ART)
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    02-26-16 02:50 PM
  17. Rello's Avatar
    I'm waiting for Chen to go on stage, rip off his jacket and shirt, and reveal a "BB10 is dead" tattoo across his chest.

    Anything short of that, and I won't believe it.
    Lmao.....i bet u that's what he does in 2018 when people still are waiting/hoping for a new device

    Posted via CB10
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    02-26-16 07:33 PM
  18. crazy mazy's Avatar
    First of all Blackberry never said it was going to unveil, any new Phones at MWC. Also why are they continuing to roll out the Priv to other countries. If thet were going to shutter the HW division they would of just contiued with the current carriers and then stopped production once all inventory was sold. That would not take very long since they have limieted production runs.Finally they had more important announcements to make at MWC. The announcement of the Vienna will robably be done on APR 1 during the quarterly financial report. After that a price drop for the Priv, and announcement that Verizon will carry the Priv.
    02-27-16 10:26 AM
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