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    Just wanted to share a nice audiobook option for us BlackBerry users. Besides audible.com and other closed eco-systems I think Overdrive is worth a look.

    This is neat because it works on the BlackBerry but what I love about it is how it saves me money. I went to get a book called Crisis Economics and I looked at Audible.com and it was $30.36, I went to iTunes and it was $20.95 and I went to B&N and it was $24.02. So I looked at Overdrive and their search.overdrive.com and it showed me a library that had it and four other retailers. I wanted to buy so I looked at them and Books on Board had it for $14.98. Pretty good savings.

    I downloaded it and it was surprisingly easy. Cool.

    One of the reasons I'm skeptical about going into the apple eco-system or even the amazon one is that they make it very easy to buy from them but the price discovery could save me money quite often. Further, Amazon has good service but they were a major reason for Borders to go out of business. I'm not sure I want less competition because I know what happens if there are only two content providers out there. Prices go up.

    Anyway, I wanted to share this for anyone that likes audiobooks. There is an app to download and search directly from the phone but I still like to use my desktop because it makes it easier to search for prices and other stuff. Download was easy.

    Easy and cheaper are my kind of combination.
    10-17-11 01:06 PM