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    Hey everyone

    Does anyone use the mobile site 'Nextbus' (it is a site that provides you with the next bus/streetcar arrival time based on GPS location). I started using it a few months ago when I had the 9700 and had no problems....however when I switched to the 9900, I use it once and then for the rest of the day whenever I try to use it again it says "Got old GPS location, so trying again (age was xx mins ago).

    I am outside when I am using it and really at the same spot and one day it works and the next it gives me that message. It works perfectly on my 9700.

    I tried to 'refresh' GPS and it still gives me the same message and I have the locations setting on both the options and the browser.

    Has anyone else used this site and encountered this error or is encountering issues with the 9900 GPS.


    09-06-11 11:30 AM