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    I use a Bold with the current OS upgrade.
    The WI-FI works well when using my secured home WIFI network.

    When I go to the public places where there is an unsecured WIFI the network appears when I search for the network and I can save the configuration.
    When I access these public places through my laptop the sites give a login page that has an 'accept' button. Then I can access any website.
    When I open the BB browser there is never an option to accept the site,nor does the site open. I tried to gain access through INTERNET BROWSER, TZONES and HOTSPOT browsers. I also tried to trick the system by changing the browser type from BLACKBERRY to IE or FIREFOX.

    I also tried to gain access through the wireless T-Mobile data service where I can see the home page of the location but there is no login. The only thing that I have not tried was to find the home page of the login and save the web location then try to gain access through the BB using the login page wirelessly then switch to WIFI.

    The guys at the local Apple Store say they can 'sometimes' log-in through their i-phones on ATT.

    Has anyone tried to login to the New York City
    parkwifi and chelseamarketwifi?

    Help with ideas.
    12-07-08 03:01 PM