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    Same source as the one stating new QNX phone will be released with android player.

    RIM will issue a software update to the BlackBerry PlayBook in September that adds native e-mail and BlackBerry Messenger support, Bloomberg reports.

    The news comes from the same sources that told Bloomberg RIM's QNX-based BlackBerry phones will run Android apps.

    When the PlayBook launched in April, reviewers criticized the tablet for not having basic functions such as e-mail, calendar, and RIM's popular BBM. Those features, along with access to Android apps, were promised to arrive this summer.

    RIM declined to comment.

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    08-24-11 11:23 AM
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    Actually, it's not the same source, it's the same news aggregator who is regurgitating/distilling Bloomberg articles. Here's the original source:

    BlackBerrys Said to Get Android Apps in Bid to Lift Sales - Bloomberg

    (Did I miss something here? Do people have a problem with linking to Bloomberg articles, or are they being paid to drive traffic to Business Insider?)
    08-24-11 01:04 PM
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    Chill out dude, I saw the artice and posted it.
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    08-24-11 02:47 PM
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    I can see this being realistic, minor update at the beginning on sept and major before devcon. At devcon they show new tools on how to utilize bbm on the pb?
    08-24-11 03:14 PM
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    08-24-11 03:32 PM
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    great news.email was a must.bbm not a must.
    08-24-11 06:53 PM