1. dubhe's Avatar
    Finally bought a Blackberry and finally joined this community having spent the past month reading views and reviews on this site. Your pages have solved a lot of my problems but I still have one:

    My main email is my gmail account, which is then received by my 8120 pearl. Whenever I send an email I receive the same email back in my inbox, from me. Is there anyway to stop this? Indeed, is this my inbox or is it just an email box, and I need to create an In and Sent folder and then some rules? I just find it annoying to receive my own message...

    Possibly related to this, when I use Blackberry Messenger to add my other (and only) Blackberry friend, I add him using the email option (this was before I learnt about PIN) and I receive immediatly a request from me asking to add myself as a contact, if I click this I can then have a conversation with myself! My friend meanwhile receives my request, hits accept, but then I receive a response in the form of an error message:

    <$RemoveOnDelivery,SuppressSaveInSentItems> BLACKBERRYMESSENGERINVITESTAGE2
    208:AQEBAAECBAACbJOS9QAACAEAAwAVAAQCiJl90up94C5fMH WQ6Oqyy...continues

    So, something not right, maybe one of you can help :-)
    02-08-08 07:13 AM
  2. dacur's Avatar
    i don't know about your specific carrier, but for verizon i logged into the vzw bb site and set up an email filter. now i don't receive those duplicate emails w/ my gmail acct. good luck.
    02-08-08 07:44 AM
  3. pashan's Avatar
    I can only help you with the gmail issue:

    First, log into your BIS site, you might be able to find the link here:

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Internet Service

    • Click the filter icon next to the gmail account in question
    • Click the link to add a filter.
    • Next to "Apply Filter When" you should select "From" field in the drop down
    • Type YOUR gmail address in the "Contains" box.
    • Choose the radio button next to Do not forward messages to device.

    If this isn't clear enough you can do a search on "Gmail Email Issue" and about a bazillion posts on this very subject!!

    I am a real newb with BB Messenger so I'm sorry I can't help with that issue!

    02-08-08 07:45 AM
  4. dubhe's Avatar
    Thanks, the whole logging in bit threw me as I didn't realise I had to make another user name and password on my blackberry first before logging in to the email settings. Thanks, all done now.
    02-08-08 08:14 AM