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    HI All, I have a new Tour since last week and DH has said I sound like I am in a tunnel its very low, so I went into Verizon yesterday who was convinced it was something with my bluetooth and gave me a free latest LG bluetooth stating that my current LG was still under warranty. DH is saying its still very low and still can't hear me. I know there has been posts about this, I have, set Echo to off, TTY off, taken the battery out three times....
    called Verizon and the rep said "never heard of this problem".

    I saw some of the posts were from July, Is there ANYTHING else I can do to alleviate this? I have two boys I have to feed but I have to conquer this! Im almost tempted to change phones( I really need my Bluetooth, I am a visiting nurse in a big city) but I really love everything else about the phone(then again it is my first blackberry, now I know the meaning of crackberry lol)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    09-13-09 05:07 PM