1. CorvetteDave's Avatar
    I just ordered the new BlackBerry Tour. This will be my first BB.

    I have a Bluetooth question. I would like to be able to use a Bluetooth device that will allow me to listen to sound on my phone (music, movies, etc) but will also switch over when a call comes in.

    My current phone is the HTC Mogul. I can use my Bluetooth for calls, but I can't listen to music with it. The phone did come with a wired headphones and mic that work for both purposes, but I was hoping for a wireless solution for this on the BB.

    Can anyone point me to the right device?
    07-14-09 08:40 AM
  2. LaughingBandit's Avatar
    You need to look for phones/headsets that have A2DP support. But you have to understand that it does neither VERY well.

    I've yet to encounter an A2DP that I really like. The sound quality for calls isn't so great because none of them seem to have very good noise dampening filters. And for me, the call is most important.

    The battery life on the A2DPs aren't long enough for long haul flights, so THAT'S useless to me as I fly from NA to Asia somewhat frequently and that's what I want them for.

    The only thing i would use the A2DP headsets for is for working out. The best one that I've found is actually the motorola ones that wrap around the back of your neck. but they suck if you're driving cos they get in the way when you lean back.

    07-14-09 09:19 AM