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    Hi all. This is a great forum. I switched to a black berry about 6 months ago. I must say I am totally impressed with these phones. I love the feel, the way they run, the multi tasking, and of course, messaging.

    I have noticed that RIM seems to release one phone with a nice feature, then releases something similar to another carrier with a different feature. Currently I use the Storm. Can any one tell me why RIM releases devices with wifi, bluetooth, gps, and great resolution but fails to increase memory on any of the devices? I know the Tour has 256, but lacks wifi. I love the look and feel of the Bold, even gave it a test drive. But was really unimpressed with the lack of RAM. With such a great device, why wouldnt they jack it up to the 256 like on other devices?

    Im noticing that apps for the blackberrys are becoming very numerous and some are becoming quite large. Unfortunately, the memory is not large enough to accomodate more than afew. The people at AT&t said that the it has 1 gig of onboard memory and this is used to store and run apps. I find that to be contradictory to all that I have read and understand of the devices. I believe the 1 gig is for media storage only. It is my understanding that the RAM/flash memory is what holds and runs the apps. I would gladly pay a disconnect fee, again, for a black berry that had wifi/bt/gps, great resolution, media card support, and lots of RAM. Of course, RIM is so tight lipped about it that I could by one tomorrow if it existed and then the next week my dream phone would show up.

    Could any of you more experienced people point me in the right direction? Im not an app junkie, but I would like to put a few games and social apps on my device to entertain when not being busy with work. Any rumours of a device with all the features and at least 256mg of RAM coming out?

    azguyphx/aka: Brian
    10-02-09 10:32 PM
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    I would suggest that you buy a Tour or 8900 or wait for the storm 2 or 9700. I have several apps and I do not have a memory problem at all. There are several articles on CB regarding memory optimization on the storm, I would start there becaus your phone should have plenty of memory for what you say you want to do....
    10-02-09 11:01 PM
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    To the OP, I would suggest that you try the steps recommended in this thread.
    10-02-09 11:32 PM
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    I've wondered the same things that you have. With the way things are now a days, I couldn't imagine that it would be very hard to slap 1gb worth of memory in a BB without a problem, **** the iPhone can carry at least 16gb. That's really the one problem I have with BB's is the lack of memory. I don't use much memory on my 8330, it comes with 96mb standard for total apps, including the OS, and I usually walk around with between 35 and 40mb free memory with about 9 apps on my device, but I figure that more memory wouldn't hurt, and it wouldn't really be a hard thing to do. I don't understand why they don't run 1gb standard...
    10-03-09 12:13 AM
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    It boils down to cost. To make a target price of $XXX, you can have SOME of the following: WiFi, increased memory, bigger display, better display, widget #1, etc.

    Something to consider for memory: a lot of users never install a single app to their smartphone. Why increase your cost (or drop another useful feature) for soemthing that most users won't see a benefit.

    Also note that the Tour is a CDMA phone. Verizon (biggest player in that market) is not a fan of WiFi and are known for disabling features like that. Why bother to design it in.
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