1. Nickl2307's Avatar
    I have a Curve 8310 and the trackball when I first got it clicked and it is no longer clicking...Does anyone know what I can do to get this problem fixed? Is it just replacing the trackball? I have tried to clean it but have had NO luck with that...
    PLEASE HELP! I need it to work properly!
    09-09-09 10:37 PM
  2. Jancy10's Avatar
    I think this happens over time because I have an 8320 (backup BB) and I lost the "click" on it also, I changed the trackball but its still the same...my Bold is starting to lose the "click" a lil bit also but you get used to it after a while no big deal to me as long as it works wen I press it!
    09-09-09 10:44 PM
  3. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    There's a copper dome under the trackball that the TB presses when you click it. It wears out over time. This is actually on the motherboard, and replacing the trackball itself will not fix it.

    I believe Cellular Nationwide Network - 3G, Sony, Panasonic, LG, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Tools, BlackBerry, or www.gsm4world.com carry replacement parts now.
    09-09-09 10:51 PM
  4. xliderider's Avatar
    This thread has a link to the part you need. Or you can use it to see the part you need.


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    09-09-09 11:32 PM
  5. Nickl2307's Avatar
    [QUOTE=xliderider;3555038]This thread has a link to the part you need. Or you can use it to see the part you need.

    I seen above that it could also be the little copper thing under the trackball and that is on the motherboard...It doesn't appear that I had this dome thing on my phone to begin with so can I put this on the phone without voiding my warranty? Will this dome thing work on my phone? I'm really lost and don't want to get a replacement cause EVERYTHING is on my BB! I'm sure you can understand my pain! Also is this dome easy to install if I do end up going this route?
    09-10-09 07:53 AM