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    I ordered some new trackballs off eBay and today they arrived. I had got my Pearl used and it worked good but the chrome ring was missin some chrome. I installed one of the new trackballs just to see that they worked. I had to bend a piece on the bottom of thef new trackball to spring it back up when I click in on the trackball. Now my trackball is smoother than ever no jerks or jumps just smooth roll and smooth scrolling. If your trackball makes the curser jump and skip then install a new one I got 2 for $13.00 cheap and it was easy to swap just used a small pen knife.

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    11-10-08 07:27 PM
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    Where did you get the new trackballs?

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    11-10-08 07:32 PM
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    Off eBay the seller was sigmacellular out of Brooklyn got them in just a few days here the item number they got some more they 6.49 each free shipping
    item number is

    and it was a breeze to change
    11-10-08 09:16 PM