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    Help, help!
    I use unlocked Bold and Storm2 in China. Both devices can work with most of the wifi hotspots, my home wireless, airport, restaurants, etc. But quite strange, they just cannot work with my office wireless.

    In the office, wifi shows connected. I use wifi tools to check it had already get the ip address, DNS, DHCP and etc, everything looks OK. But just cannot open browser, cannot open "Wifi hotspot login".

    BTW, office use H3C wireless ap, and about 4~5 ap working together use one SSID and password.
    All the other mobiles, like iPhone, windows mobile, Nokia, can work smoothly, except blackberry... ;-(
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    12-31-09 05:49 AM
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    when try to use office hotsopt to open browser, just jump out a small window says "can not find server..." (not accurate)
    12-31-09 05:57 AM