1. creed23's Avatar
    I have had a new pearl for 2 days; the sms text and call log deletes its self...whats wrong/ what is the diff between pin and sms mess? and how do i change battery
    12-21-08 04:21 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    you are low on memory when your file free found under options status drops below 12,xxx,xxx bytes you will lose call logs and texts. Pin messages must be sent between blackberries and why would you want to change the battery ? for the memory issues look at the memory link in my signature for some help
    12-21-08 04:23 PM
  3. creed23's Avatar
    i dont have anything on my phone except 5 ringtones and 10 pic which r on my media crad
    12-21-08 04:26 PM
  4. uncheels23's Avatar
    what is your file free under options/status ? the 8130 is notorious for having memory issues
    12-21-08 04:32 PM
  5. creed23's Avatar
    i looked i do have music on here maybe that the problem .how do i delete all music
    12-21-08 04:50 PM
  6. uncheels23's Avatar
    you need to get an sd card for music as there isn't much free space for music files. what is the exact number under your file free ?
    12-21-08 05:11 PM