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    Hello everyone. I just changed carriers from fido to wind in Canada. I previously owned a bold 9000 and loved the push mail compared to my lg c660 qwerty However the bold was becoming dated so i decided to try a relatively new device. At the moment I cannot afford a BB10 device. Besides, I want a qwerty phone so I might check out the Q10 later on.

    I love my new curve 9320. No lag and much more app storage. The only hesitation I had was build quality. I compared the curve to a second choice model, the huawei boulder running android 2.2. It was less expensive than the curve but was built like a tank. It had an aluminum band around it. The processor and ram were inferior to the curve though.

    Not sure why blackberry is not focusing on better materials for there phones. I've heard the 9900 is very good but not everyone has access to high end models. Cheers.

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    02-21-13 02:14 PM

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