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    I've had my Blackberry about a month now and I am totally in love! I don't know how to do too many cool things to it as I am still learning all there here and there's about.

    I was told to come check out stuff on here so I read it from time to time when work is boring! But I'm usually doing it from my PC.

    When I get on my phone - it is totally different. Like on here I wanted to check out ringtones so when I click the ringtone tab on my PC they list them all and it's find - but then I get on my BB and it won't let me click it and the site is totally different.
    What's up with that???

    (Sorry if this isn't in the right forum! I'll learn eventually I promise!)
    07-08-08 03:45 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    You have noticed, the WAP site is a little different, tailored for the device. I presume the same is true of the store.

    Give a choice, it is better to download to your computer and install from there. If you have to do a system restore, all your purchased or downloaded stuff is available to re-install.

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    07-08-08 03:59 PM
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    Are you using wap.crackberry.com?
    On the Blackberry browser or Opera Mini?

    If you're accesing the regular site with the BB browser, then it won't function properly.

    The wap site is much better on the BB browser, but some things get eliminated to let it load quicker.
    I've never tried D/Ling a ringtone from CB directly to the BB, so I'm not even sure it's possible.
    07-08-08 03:59 PM
  4. hdpettus's Avatar
    No, I wasn't!
    Thanks for your help!

    I have a lot to learn, I think.

    Do ya'll have any good sites for downloading ringtones straight to your phone? I've used tuneusin a lot, but they don't update I've found. Like a section with "New ringtones" would be nice!

    Anyways, any advice for the learning you wanna throw my way is greatly appreciated!
    07-08-08 04:05 PM
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    07-08-08 04:11 PM