1. samsams's Avatar
    No. That icon is for the BB email only. You can always move the Gmail icon to your home screen, and it'll get a little red star next to it if you get a message (at least the older Gmail app did this). Haven't had the new one long enough to be able to tell, but I can't imagine they would get rid of that.

    It's still there. The icon, though smaller in 2.0 version, will get a very small grey envelope within a yellow star on incoming mail.
    10-26-08 04:03 AM
  2. YvilKittyInSpace's Avatar
    Just installed. Two features that are badly needed are copy and paste and attachments. Might as well stick to the BB instead. I'll keep it installed for now.
    10-26-08 09:41 AM
  3. New Fire Within's Avatar
    I checked the little box in the settings menu inside the app to notify me when there is a new mail. I go to Profiles > Advanced> Edit and then when I go to Gmail - New Mail to chose my notifications it won't open an edit screen.

    I can open an edit screen for Browser, Calendar, Facebook, Google Talk Alert, Google Talk New Message, Level 1 Messages, my 2 email accounts, MMS, Phone, SMS Text, Tasks, and WeatherBug Direct Settings.

    It will not open an edit screen for the new TwitterBerry (0.8) notifications either... Hmm. I'm stumped. I cannot edit these notifications on any Profile setting. I have tried a battery pull and deleting/ re-downloading both apps.

    Any thoughts??
    11-02-08 06:39 PM
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