1. mcdanielnc89's Avatar
    Okay, so... I have the Bold 9000. It's the right size and everything, but I've always wondered what it would be like if it were touch screen. Of course the keyboard would be onscreen or like the 9800's. A blackberry that was touchscreen and the size of the bold 9000 I think would be perfect...

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    06-20-10 04:57 PM
  2. Joneser2006's Avatar
    Touch Screen is so overrated.
    Keyboards are so overated. So what? So you'd like all BBs to be the same model and form factor?
    06-20-10 10:53 PM
  3. mcdanielnc89's Avatar
    I like both. Touch screen and physical keyboards. However, I was saying it'd be cool to see a BOld touch screen in the same form factor like the bold 9000.
    06-20-10 10:55 PM
  4. JasW's Avatar
    Keyboards are so overated. So what? So you'd like all BBs to be the same model and form factor?
    Puh-leez. BBs are known for their keyboards. If RIM had abandoned keyboards completely and only put out Storms, it would be dead right now.
    06-21-10 06:05 AM
  5. Joneser2006's Avatar
    I personally don't are who likes which. My point was that everyone has different tastes and that blanket statements can be ignorant or foolish or just plain silly.

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    06-22-10 12:56 AM
  6. grahamf's Avatar
    I do not think it would be ideal, as the one thing that all BBs can do is be used single-handedly (the Storms too - but until I upgrade from the S1 landscape mode is faster). having a palm pixi formfactor would ruin this imo
    06-22-10 01:51 AM
  7. TipTheScales's Avatar
    Obviously, I am not concerned, otherwise I would have made a baseless assumption like you have.
    And saying touch screens are over rated based on your experiences from years ago when the technology was in its infancy and major technological strides have been made since is not an assumption?

    Touch screens allow faster access to various programs not to mention faster (once you get used to it) typing. I can bang out a 160 character message in about 20 seconds. I like using the SurePress keyboard in portrait mode. the keys are large and my fingers are large. I am able to quickly type out messages and enter text because of the touchscreen. I have tried to text on a 8330, and i couldn't help but mash 2-3 keys at the same time. Touch screens have the ability to offer more variations of the normal keyboard than a normal hardware keypad. Also to counter the idea that it takes a learning cureve, my dad, who is 52, is able to fully use a touch screen phone (S1). So if he can do it, I'm pretty sure you can do it. It's just a matter of patience.

    Touch screens are here to stay and will become increasingly integrated into our society.

    Does a keyboard help? I would imagine for some people it does. But that's all about taste and function of the person using it. Much like a previous poster said, it's all up to the user and to say one or the other is better is idiotic. Take the silver spoon out of your a$$ and be nice to people. You'll find that life is a bit easier.
    06-22-10 10:04 AM
  8. Joneser2006's Avatar
    Well now that makes more sense. What? Who hasn't ever heard of an old geezer not liking new, confusing technology? Ah well keep farting around with your stories about it not being smoke if it's not from your chimney while thousands of people embrace the innovations that don't meet YOUR expectations.

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    06-24-10 01:50 AM
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    Ouch. Ya got me, ya whipper snapper. Now, dammit, who stole my walker? The one with the little bell and the VDO 15+ cyclometer on it? Ah, here it is. OK, you kids enjoy each other and be good. Don't argue.

    BTW, touch screens are overrated.
    lol. You should actually appreciate the viewing size on a larger screen, ya know, cuz bifocals are overrated
    06-24-10 09:40 PM
  10. mountainman's Avatar
    Cracking your nuts with a hammer is overrated
    06-24-10 09:49 PM