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    I recently was using DM for my BB Torch, and upgraded DM to the new version. Now I plug my BB back into my PC, DM does not recognise my phone. It says "disconnected" in the bottom right corner. Anyone else having this problem or know what I could do?
    05-11-11 03:49 PM
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    I had to delete LiveProfile and LearnSpanish because they weren't working properly, and reinstalled them. However, because of that I lost all my progress on LearnSpanish and can't restore the app because BBSAK can't detect my phone. I also still can't dowload Spanish lessons from LearnSpanish so reinstalling it was pointless and put me back at the beginning. Liveprofile still isn't working properly, it crashes when idle and gives me a null.java error when I open it. I also need to update my OS but I can't...
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    05-14-11 02:37 AM
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    *bump* Nobody know a fix? So annoying that I can't backup etc, or update. I also wanna see if Music Player is fixed on the newer OS versions. It's annoying when it crashes. I'm using Windows 7, if that helps.
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    05-19-11 07:13 AM
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    Go back to the older DM? Reboot both? Try a different usb port? Different cable?
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