1. dannybgoode's Avatar
    Hi All

    Am looking for some opinions on whether my new Blackberry will suit my needs.

    For a variety of convoluted reasons I currently have two phones (a Samsung and an HTC S710) and need to get down to just one device.

    I currently have the HTC hooked into my work email via Exchange (had to hack into the settings as work wouldn't give me them (god damn me for wanting to work away from the office at my own expense!) and the Samsung is my normal day to day phone.

    I've got an 8520 on order and am planning to use our work's OWA via BIS and then re-key my calender into Google and sync that also (my work doesn't currently have BES but is moving to it but they're unlikely to hook me into anyway) and port my Samsung phone number to it and use the 8520 for everything.

    Does people think this will work for me or will I be better trying to sort out a solution with the HTC or some other WM device? I don't necessarily need instant push email but would need emails to come through within a couple of minutes.

    Thanks all for reading and your comments.

    Danny B
    09-06-09 06:09 AM
  2. tarek307's Avatar
    Welcome to the big boys phone!
    09-06-09 06:14 AM
  3. Hankster's Avatar
    You'll be more than happy with your BB change. Your email and phone changes are easy. Email is done simple on the BB and your number just needs to be ported.

    Done and welcome.
    09-06-09 07:54 AM
  4. thekrishna's Avatar
    Once in awhile, ur BB will rebel and try to **** you off....but just keep a clear mind and she'll eventually grow out of it.
    09-06-09 07:56 AM
  5. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    you seem really inteligent, so you should be fine!
    09-06-09 09:22 AM
  6. dannybgoode's Avatar
    Well my 8520 has turned up and I absolutely love it. I've seen recent reviews slating the Blackberry O/s for being a bit old and creaky now but its by far and away the best I've used on any phone.

    I love the track pad - that's a must for all future models and it works with my email accounts like a dream. Needn't have worried - I'm a true convert.

    Thanks all

    Danny B
    09-09-09 01:35 PM
  7. NoahFecks's Avatar
    I used to have the HTC S710 also (actually still have it boxed up, anyone want to buy it?), as well as the Fuze. You'll soon learn that the BB OS runs circles around WM and wonder why you ever used a WM device in the first place.
    09-09-09 02:04 PM
  8. mj828805's Avatar
    I have a 8900. Absolutely love it. It's been good to me.

    09-09-09 03:55 PM