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    T-Mobilebrings new BlackBerry smart phone onto the marketBonn- T-Mobile has brought a new smart phone onto the market. The BlackBerry Curve doesn't just make phone calls; it also provides web surfing on the go and push e-mail. EDGE technology allows for data transfer at speeds of up to four times that of ISDN, reports RIM, the phone's maker. The device is nevertheless relatively small and light, houses a 2 megapixel camera and is controlled via a trackball. It will be available for contract customers starting in June for 99 dollars, or for about 400 dollars without contract. ----

    06-03-07 02:21 AM
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    I know I can read. But I want to make sure I read correctly. T-Mobile are expected to get the Curve, this month, June?
    06-03-07 07:00 AM