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    Im new to the site and new to the blackberry. I searched the site but couldn't find an answer. I just bought the storm 9530 from ebay. the seller is shipping me the phone (which has never been opened). He wants me to mail him back the sim card (he enclosed an envelope to mail it back to him).I e- mailed him and he says the reason that he wants it back is because the sim has his account info on it. Now I have never had a phone with a sim nor do I know much about it, does this sound right? Can i activate the phone without a sim? Any input would be helpful...thanks
    12-22-08 04:06 AM
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    12-22-08 04:21 AM
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    He said the box was sealed and he didnt want to open it. I am in the US and plan on staying with verizon. So I will not need a SIM card to activate it?
    12-22-08 04:27 AM
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    Sounds kinda fishy to me... if the box was sealed, how was any personal information programmed onto the SIM card?

    Is this a reputable seller with a lot of feedback?

    Even though you don't technically need the SIM card to use the Storm in the U.S., it doesn't hurt to have the original that VZW supplied w/the phone.
    12-22-08 05:05 AM
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    I am still a little lost. Why would he want the sim card returned, he said his info was stored on it, once i activate the phone under my account, wouldnt the sim have my info? or i would have to get a completely different sim programed with my info?
    12-22-08 05:18 AM
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    How about when you open it you put the sim card in the phone and see what's on it????

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    12-22-08 06:53 AM
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    It's actually normal for U.S. carriers as well.

    For your carrier, verizon, you will not need the sim card unless you are traveling internationally.

    IMO, it's not fishy since he enclosed the envelope already.... it would have been if it was an afterthought and sent it after the package. The fact that he sent it in the same package means that was his thought process all along and that was... he didn't want to tamper with the box.

    12-22-08 08:55 AM
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    Theres nothing fishy about him wanting it back. It's tied to his account. I would send it back to him. No problem.
    12-22-08 08:58 AM
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    It's normal practice for european phones on contracts to come sealed with the SIM card already setup for specific customers, there's nothing fishy about that. As long as your carrier supports the sim enabled storm model then you should be ok.

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    Not really...my vodafone storm..which i sent back did not have the sim card within it...it came with the package but in a separate envelope.
    12-22-08 09:59 AM
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    So What Should I Do? I Still Dont Understand How A Sim Card Can Have His Info On It If The Phone Was Never Activated.
    12-22-08 10:10 PM