07-04-11 10:30 AM
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  1. danimalchil's Avatar
    I have a good feeling that there will be quite a few people coming back to blackberry once they actually have phones in the store to sell.
    07-02-11 06:55 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I had my 9700 since it came out and I just lost it two weeks ago . I had an upgrade so I figured I would try out the new Atrix 4G cause I thought hey let's give it a shot. BIG MISTAKE. Like you I thought it was neat at first with all its pizzazz - the fingerprint scanner and neat widgets and cool apps. But after about 4 days I was tired of it. The battery was almost dead by the time I got off work every single day and I absolutely HATED the keyboard, and don't even get me started on MotoBlur. The thing had a dual core processor and still hung up and was slower than my 9700... I reversed my upgrade and now I'm stuck with my friends old 3G till the Bold 9900 comes out.

    Blackberry is the best messaging device period. And that's what phones are for - communication. Not having thousands of apps to tell you how to wipe your @$$ or rate a fart or any of that useless crap.

    Welcome to BB
    Just to say...there are a lot of useful apps on the Android market.

    That said, my experience with the Atrix is similar to yours. I don't understand how a device that was so FAST on the first few days can come to a slow crawl in three weeks. I don't know what happened....cleared history up the wazoo...still had significant lag towards the end.
    07-02-11 07:31 AM
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    Wow thanks to everyone for their replies this certainly got a lot of responses. Love the conspiracy theories, with 2 posters not believing Im new to BB, I'll take that as a compliment.
    Still really enjoying my 9780, went out of town for 2 days and didnt need the charger despite moderate usage and Ive still got charge to spare.
    Had it on a table in a course I went to and everyone else was transfixed by the lights coming off the led as messages came in from my various email addresses which meant different colours starting lighting up.
    Best purchase Ive ever made I reckon, first phone that still communicates with me even from the safety of its protective pouch.
    Oh and thanks for the tip on Wifi Manager, saves me some effort plus its just plain cool.
    07-02-11 05:35 PM
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    my curve was great, my torch has been even better, and they do just what i need from a phone, so why would i try the trendy phones?
    I totally agree - my Storm was great my Torch even better! I'm glad I tried out my HTC Inspire. It helped show me what I actually wanted in a device of this type. Had I not tried out the Inspire I would still be owning a Torch but not appreciating OS 6 & BlackBerry et al as much. My BB is all about my communications and my iTouch is all about other niches.

    Now I wait patiently for the new round of BB's so I can switch back.

    I consider myself very new to BB too and I just recently read that turning off compression helps with battery life and other good stuff. My friend 'just' got a Bold 9780 and I got them to do this so I can measure against the results. (I couldn't quickly find the link again on CB but it's there) Figured this would be a good share point.
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    Although I am temporarily using an Android device, just to get some firsthand experience with Android, I really do remember feeling the same way about BB, about 3 yrs ago when i got my first BB, a Pearl 8120, I then went on to buy a Pearl Flip, a Curve 8520, a 9700 (2), a 9650, and finally most recently a Style 9670. Im just a lil bored ya know? NOT at all bashing RIM, Im certain I will be back, but in order to truly decide whats best, I thought I'd give Android a couple of months to get me to switch permanently. But I beleive in RIM and their ability, as I have witnessed their improvements and progress for the last 3 years...although its been a little slow as of late. But mostly Id like to tell u that I feel where u are coming from and you picked the 9780...and that is at the top as BB devices go, and I hope you enjoy BB as I have!! But still, I dont know why people think they have to leave Crackberry when they test other platforms... I love this place!
    07-03-11 08:14 PM
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    About a month ago I decided to put down my Storm 2 and try Android. My new 2 wasn't up yet and I wanted to try it before my real upgrade in November, so I got the used DroidX that I'm typing this post from.

    At first it was heaven. The browser is fast and runs flash. The bigger screen, the number of available apps, the potential seemed limitless.

    Now - I'm torn.

    I spent a ton on market apps, many to get back some features that are core in the BlackBerry OS, even 5.x. There is no profile system per say - each app holds the settings for its own notifications so all you can control centrally is volume. There are lots of duplicate apps, so you may end up buying 3 before you find one that works. Like BlackBerry with developers working against multiple OS's, Android developers have huge issues with multitudes of different hardware incompatibilities.

    EMail and PIM seems weak with only a handful of power user choices, and even fewer that are stable. The native calendar and contact databases do not sync well with those apps either, so you end up with a second set of data. It seems that productivity is never much of a thought.

    And I get this feeling of a total lack of cohesiveness. I love to personalize and customize, but this platform is very disjointed.

    So, the grass isn't any greener on the other side - its just brown in different spots. If RIM can get the hardware back up to par, get their browsers on equal footing, and make app development less of a chore, they'll do fine.

    As for me, lets see what their next full touchscreen phone can do and what Android Ice Cream Sandwich brings and I may be back.
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    07-03-11 10:07 PM
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    I'm the same as the OP, I used to be an app fanatic when I first was on windows mobile 5 coming from a standard flip-phone user, I lost interest quickly in apps as time went by once my ppc6700 died shortly after getting my 8130. Since then, I used the pearl with some games I barely used, then my 9700 came along, I haven't used much of the apps I put on it for quite some time. I might just delete what I'm not using. E-mail is a plus, awesome keyboard, excellent VGA video recording besides my camcorder and VHS camcorder, heck, I'm downright satisfied. I love the battery life, I own two extended batteries, using one right now. Both are from ebay, $12 each, 3000 mAh lasts up to 4 days sometimes if I barely even use my device.

    Well, that's me. Sticking to BB until the end of time

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    07-04-11 08:42 AM
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    I completely agree with the OP. I have the godfather of all android's, HTC G1, and it is slow and laggy. I picked up a new 9700 on craiglist, and with the same processor it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of my android. Granted the 9700 is brand new and the G1 has been used for a few years.. But still it was very shocking. And I agree about the whole over emphasis of culture on 'app count' and processor speed when really how efficient the ROM is should be put in to the equation..

    Oh and I have even rooted my G1, installed custom rom after custom rom and overclocked it..
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    07-04-11 09:57 AM
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    Ive just converted from Android to Blackberry, having got a 9780, and Im so disappointed - that I didnt make the switch earlier.
    Its actually frightening that its pure luck that Ive come across what Im coming to regard as the best phone Ive ever owned.

    I struggled along for 18 months on Android, the novelty was cool in the beginning, but as time passed I was utterly fed up with typing on the touchscreen, with the lack of responsiveness, and ended up using my phone to check for new mail but then rushing to a computer to actually reply to it.
    I downloaded a lot of apps initally, and then in all honesty found myself using maybe 2 or 3 regularly. I actually hated opening the market app at all as it would tell me 15 apps needed upgrading and I would just close it down.

    My primary use is phone calls and email. I have a work email and a personal email and I need to respond to work emails in a far more timely manner than my personal mails. I moved off my previous network as I was not getting proper signal in our new house.
    My wife has an iphone and she uses about 4 apps regularly and its decent as a media device, utterly hopeless as a phone, dropping signal all over the place and dropping calls as well.

    So I read about all the doom and gloom surrounding Blackberry and I kept reading about the keyboards which interested me, with the negative sentiment surround RIM I got a class deal, a new 9780 free, on a 24 month contract, 15 pounds a month for 500 mins, unlimited text and 500 mb Blackberry data. The push email thing and an actual keyboard made me think what the heck Ill give it a try, and it was 10pounds a month less than my old HTC hero.

    Ive had it for 2 days and am actually a little upset, it just blows away any phone Ive ever had in the past, and its so irritating that people actually put it down and I havent had it before. The keyboard is a joy to use, I find myself actually using it as a portable workstation and responding to my mails on the device itself.
    The holster is just rocking with it silencing ringtones when the phone is in it and the ringtones work fine out of the holster. I got the BBuzz app and Im just astounded how I can now just glance at the led indicator, which is easily visible out of my holster, and know at a glance whether I have a text, miss call, a work email, or a personal email. I just cant believe I was living without this functionality. The battery life blows any phone Ive had out of the water except for the really old black and white Nokias.

    What really gets my blood boiling is all these articles about how Blackberries are done, the only stats they push out is apps. 100s of thousands, seriously, who has even been through the whole apps store on ios or android? How many do average people use? I find it utterly incredible that when I was looking for a phone, I was thrown shedloads of stats about apps I dont need, and not one person could advise me on this functionality on the blackberry which I now feel I cant live without.
    Apple throw out stats that suit them, nothing about their RAM usage or processor power, basically any stat they have in their favour they push as the most important stat, and people buy it!!! I cant believe it! My wife iphone absolutely sucks in comparison to my Blackberry and shes stuck with it for another 18 months. In which time there will be 2 more iphones that look absolutely the same. And yet they are praised for innovation and blackberry criticised for not impriving on past oses? My wife had an iphone right through to the 4 and I barely notice any difference, its the same form factor and its just boring now.

    I have a waterproof video camera which I can use regardless of the weather and a Tom tom to help me out when Im lost, as a communications device no phone Ive ever had can top the 9780. I would never ever sacrifice the communication functionality for a better camera, that would, to me, be the height of stupidity. Look I cant get signal or make decent calls, I cant type a proper response to this email, but here Ive managed to take a classy picture of myself looking frustrated - result!

    Even on this forum theres a sticky on top saying whos leaving blackberries and for what os, who cares, wheres the sticky for people whove just discovered how far blackberry wipes the floor with any other phone available at the moment?

    The only app which I miss, and I do miss it, is Skype, because that was what I used to keep in touch with my family who live abroad. It is a big miss but Im hopeful that will change with Skype having new owners, but thats one big area where its disappointing theres no options for PC to Blackberry VOIP.

    Aside from that, Im just over the moon, and I wish there was some way to show other people like me, looking for a communication device, how much Blackberry has to offer them. Theres no app that can give any other phone the functionality my blackberry has in terms of instantly allowing me to see which email address just sent me a mail while its still in a protective case and allow me to respond securely, thats something to think about.
    Apps have a limited amount of use past a certain point, I just cant wait for people to realise that and look for actual functionality in phones again, but I guess I shouldnt complain as if people knew how awesome this phone is, Id be paying a lot more than I am for it.

    Edit 1: Forgot to mention the compressed data making my Blackberry better for me when it comes to data usage and better for the network. It just gets better and better
    have fun! BB IS AWESOME!
    07-04-11 10:21 AM
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    I completely agree with the OP. I have the godfather of all android's, HTC G1, and it is slow and laggy. I picked up a new 9700 on craiglist, and with the same processor it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of my android. Granted the 9700 is brand new and the G1 has been used for a few years.. But still it was very shocking. And I agree about the whole over emphasis of culture on 'app count' and processor speed when really how efficient the ROM is should be put in to the equation..

    Oh and I have even rooted my G1, installed custom rom after custom rom and overclocked it..
    Ya that G1 was a slow machine that ate up battery pretty good!
    07-04-11 10:30 AM
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