1. rafaelvdv93's Avatar
    I am planning to buy my first blackberry this month. From the models released so far the bold seems to be the best option for me however i have heard that a newer model of the bold "onyx" will be released soon.
    Should i buy the bold now or wait for the onyx because i really can't wait much longer. I live in Europe so will the onyx be released in 09 or 10??
    Thank you.
    09-13-09 04:10 PM
  2. PeterD's Avatar
    There is always a newer model on the verge of being released. I've had this same discussion with computer hardware for the last 25yrs.

    I think you will be so blown away by the BB that you wont miss a darn thing by purchasing now. Live for the moment, things in life can go South very quickly, so go for it now.

    I have an old 8830WE and of course I'll probably get the Onyx, but if i dont? Well, no big deal...in 6 months there will be another release even better.

    My vote? Buy now.

    09-13-09 05:00 PM