1. swickham's Avatar
    Hi all. I'm (soon to be) new to the BlackBerry world. I'm currently with Sprint and will likely stay that way for the affordability of their plans. My contract expires in a couple of months so I am looking at upgrading my phone. I have heard Sprint is set to release the BlackBerry Tour around July or so, thus my dilemma. Do I wait for the brand new Tour to (potentially) be released and pick that up as my first BB, or do I go with the tried and true Curve 8330?

    Thoughts from the more experienced BB users?
    05-13-09 12:21 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    depends if you feel like waiting for not. i personally have a curve as a backup phone and its one sturdy reliable phone.
    05-13-09 12:53 AM
  3. 7801MonteMan's Avatar
    Where did you hear about BB Tour coming to Sprint? I was just in the store last weekend before last and they said the only new phone that they had coming was the Pre or whatever it is.

    I went with the curve more so the 8350i the only reason for that was the option of having wi-fi and I love love it. I don't know if the phone is attached to my hip or if the phone had a hip and I am attached to it.
    05-13-09 02:07 AM
  4. swickham's Avatar
    There are some rumors in other threads here about the Tour coming to Sprint. There's some links I've found but I'm a rookie poster so I can't post the URLs themselves.

    new-blackberrys-sprint-221435 is one of the threads you can cruise through.

    Boy Genius Report posted an article about it, as did CNET in it's Crave section. I also found a page through phonearea dot com that shows the expected release date for the Tour on Sprint as Q3 2009. Hence the dilemma. Wait for the newest BB, or go with the known variable?

    One day I aspire to be legit enough to post a link here too. Again, I'm not sure if these are anything more than just rumors, but there sure seems to be a lot of them.

    It sounds like the Curve 8330 is a solid choice. The biggest concern I had about getting the Tour if/when it's first released is if the bugs will be worked out of it by then. But if it's really just a CDMA version of the Bold, I would tend to think they would have had plenty of time to get all the ins and outs taken care of.
    05-13-09 04:10 PM