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    Not sure if this has been posted yet but BlackBerry 10.3 has had an UI Leak and it is looking really nice, I'm just wondering if the blue is going all together or if there will be an option!? Needless to say this looks amazing so far and I see no reason for the black boxes I'm loving it. Original article: Finally, BlackBerry 10.3 Images Leak Online -
    Can't copy and paste it at the moment I'm studying for an exam but it's great here are the pictures.
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a14czc.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a1dld.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a2zyz.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a3nsn.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a4sls.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a5yey.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a6.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a7.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a8.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a12.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a10.png
    New BlackBerry UI Leak!-a11qfq.png

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    03-23-14 08:59 PM
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    03-23-14 09:01 PM

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