11-14-11 12:37 PM
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  1. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Imagine the Playbook, miniature it down to 4" and there's your first BBX phone. Oh, wait, that's a Galaxy II or a iPhone....

    11-10-11 02:33 AM
  2. Powdah's Avatar
    The Galaxy Note equivalent.
    11-10-11 09:57 AM
  3. Bahrutile's Avatar
    i have been using the Atrix 4G for a few months, i miss my blackberry, i had a 9000 and got tired of waiting for the 9900 to be released on att- so i made the switch, there are a list of things i do love about this device, there are also a laundry list of things i miss about my blackberry, if RIM is going to release the first bbx phone as a touch only device, as long as they can build on what they had before and be able to meet what else is out there i think i would be ok with not having a phys keyboard, if they are able to use a swype style texting program, i would be ok with this also.
    11-14-11 12:37 PM
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