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    New to the old, BB scene its been 3days and i gotta say am very happy. Had a cpl of Droids but when the screen on my X10 failed. It was time a change. So am here, I have a 9800 on Du(Dubai). I spend alot of time here and every cpl months i go home for cpl of weeks. If i change the sim in My BB, Will my BBM pin change or is it kind of like a Mac address on a laptop??

    Thanks Chris

    Also the onscreen keyboard is useless with my mis-shapen hoaves. Anyone gota good app to replace the on-screen keyboard? I've had a look but can't find any

    Thanks Chris
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    11-14-11 03:31 PM
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    No apps to replace the touch screen's keyboard. The PIN is hardcoded on every blackberry and cannot be changed/transferred. So you won't lose it if you switch to another provider. Also, I suggest getting an extended battery if you prefer swapping batteries when there isn't a place to charge it at all, only when it gets real low. Aftermarket wall chargers that the battery slides into are cheap and work well, I have one and it's never failed me.

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    Batteries doing ok, Plus i work with my laptop so i just have a usb lead if it gets low, But will bare that in mind.

    Thanks for the info on the screen, Thats what i was looking for, didnt see a newbie section was a little intro for myself.

    Cheers Dj-C
    11-14-11 04:27 PM