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    Hello, so I am a noob here on Crackberry. I have a quick question. Do you recommend I tackle an offer at AT&T for the BB 9700 (1c with 2 year contract), or should I get a 9780 from T-Mobile, for $129 with a 2 year contract? My only problem, is that I currently have an HTC Desire from US Cellular, and I just despise it. I have $307 to spend, and I need to make a choice that will last me 2 years. So basically, does the memory boost on the 9780 really make much difference, and is the camera that much better? I also am a major Lady Gaga fan (I have been posting on the 'which bb does gaga have'), and I want to get the one she has, which as far as I know, is the 9700 because of a picture with a Bold with a silver bezel, although one prev. photo looked like the black bezel, so I am very confused. I most likely will go for the 9700 because of the price, but I just want to make sure that I will not be let down, as I was by my HTC Desire. (Yes, I know, it's 2 years old, the 9700)

    07-09-11 05:18 AM
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    I would say go for the 9780, what's more important though is not the initial cost but the monthly charge.
    If anything the 9780 will let you load more apps and take better photos.

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    07-09-11 05:24 AM
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    If you are going to signing a new contract you should wait for the new ones coming soon. I'm not sure how much they will be though but usually being a new customer and new contract they give a good deal. You can check out the Upcoming/Rumored BlackBerry Smartphones section.
    07-09-11 05:31 AM
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    3rd Option, pick up a used 9700 off of craigslist or another source so as not to lock into a contract of such length at the cusp of a more promising device, then re-sell it or keep it as a backup device when you upgrade to a more powerful BlackBerry.

    Locking into a 2 year on the current inventory now will produce disappointment in short order. My 2, but with a GSM service, an attractive alternative.

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    07-09-11 05:37 AM
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    Buy a used 9780, then upgrade to the Bold Touch when it comes out. No use using an upgrade for a 9+/- month old device.
    07-09-11 07:35 AM
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    ok, thanks a lot guys. I think I will either get the at&t plan or do what bergerking reccomended. do you have a link or anything, towards a specific 9700 that can be ordered online? also -- for service, do you just buy a SIM card, etc.? Essentially, what do you need for the unlocked 9700 to work? Sorry for the newby questions :P
    07-09-11 08:04 AM
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    I agree, I would definitely get a used phone. the 9780 has better specs than the 9700, but it all depends on which carrier you prefer. Don't sign a new contract until the new devices drop, seemingly next month! Or just wait it out with the desire for a month.
    07-09-11 11:55 AM