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    I am new to Blackberry and Crackberry at the same time. I just got a Pearl 8130 for Sprint, from a friend who upgraded. He wiped it clean and it has OS 4.3. I already downloaded the Manager to my computer and learned how to create my own ringtones by editing snippets of songs with my Roxio Creator that apparently integrated with Blackberry when I dl the DL Manager. From here I dont know what to do.

    I ordered a Otto protector since Im usually pretty rough with my phones. Now I want to get a Memory card for it and read about the types and where to get them. I want to get a 16gb SDHC card but from what I have found so far is that it won't work well with the OS I have.

    What OS do you recommend I download, and from where? Right now I have my data turned off since I only use voice, texting, and voicemail for the most part right now. Later on I'll upgrade my plan to have unlimited data.

    Will the 16gb slow my phone down, or with the proper OS should it work smoothly?

    From here what do you recommend I do? I skimmed through the BB 101 but there seemed to be alot of old stuff in there (written before my phone came out). Any fun or useful things to add and where to get them

    Any help would be appreciative!!!!

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    Definately download OS 4.5 to begin with, and activate your data plan, you can't use all the features of your pearl without it!! With the upgraded OS, you'll be able to view HTML e-mail, as well as an updated browser, and you'll also have Docs to Go (programs to edit Microsoft Office type documents i.e. Word, excel, and viewing powerpoint). It is my understanding that 4.5 will support a 16gb memory card, (I'm not sure about the SDHC format) should be supported. I don't believe that it will slow down your OS, since it's not directly related to the operation of your device.

    Welcome to CrackBerry!! I got my Curve, started looking at this site, and now I'm addicted. Activate that data plan!! You won't regret it trust me!

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    I just read that I shoud only download my OS from the download site of my provider. I click on Sprint LP and then choose Blackbeery Pearl 8130 from the dropdown download list. Once I do that Sprint LP only offers v4.3.0.203. Should I download OS 4.5 from a different download site or 4.3!? I just don't want to nuke my phone or screw it up.

    02-02-09 09:53 AM
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    I'm not big on telling ppl to search but if you want to upgrade you should find the walk through step by step. search for 4.5 or upgrade on the crackberry site it self in the search area and then you find the walk through.

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