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    Ok after 4 months of torch and playbook ownership I thought I would give a review. I also bought family members iphones and my previous devices were android powered so I think I know the competition pretty well. I will start with the positives.

    The playbook - this is probably the best tablet on the market post os2. The 7 inch size is ideal for portability. To me 10 inch tabs look like you are lugging around a laptop screen. 7 inches is perfect. I love !! Bridge not having to pay extra for another data plan is great. I normally pick wifi only when it comes to tablets with bbbridge I didn't have to choose. over all the os is fast and responsive side loading android apps fills the app gap. I couldn't be happier.

    Torch 9810 -. Bb7 freezes frequently requiring battery pulls. The faster rim brings qnx to the phones the better. It is definately inferior to the iphone 4s. Like most bb users I prefer a physical keyboard. The torch is good but wish I would have spent more for the bold.
    The lack of social game apps is going to kill bb. Qnx should help as I understand it is linux based likew android and should allow for easier porting.
    I'll give my 2cents as to what rim should do going forward. Stick with its own os. If they ever become just a hardware manufacturer they are done. I thin in north america only they should go upscale only. Become the mercedes of smarrt phones. Leather, brushed aluminum , no plastics. Go big on the processors and ram. The specs should be overkill. Overall love the playbook the phones need work , but I am excited about bb10.

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    03-26-12 09:36 PM
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    Re: your Torch freezing issues, try updating your OS to a newer 7.1 leak and make sure your apps aren't causing some kind of issue. I rarely experience freezing on while I did on 7.0. A lot of my issues were due to apps.

    I have no complaints what-so-ever with my 9810. Great phone!

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    03-26-12 10:39 PM