1. masterzj81's Avatar
    I just got my first blackberry a few days ago (storm from verizon) and i can see why they are called crackberries. im also slaping myself cause the storm 2 is coming out soon but i have 30 days with the original. but i just have a few general questions.

    1. my 128 mb card is almost full from some free apps i tried out. but ive deleted some and they still show up at the bottom of my list as uninstalled is there a way to delete this?

    2. i recorded a video and when i go to play it back it say it is in a unsupported format but i used my phone to record it.

    3. themes- what effect does it have on the phone if i use one on my phone, i realized you can do anything with these phones so im just worried about protecting it in general.

    10-12-09 05:17 PM
  2. derande's Avatar
    1. did you download these apps from BB app world? if so, log into app world > my world and you can delete/manage the apps from there.

    3. i've never heard of a theme corrupting or harming a BB. not saying it couldn't happen though.
    10-12-09 05:24 PM
  3. masterzj81's Avatar
    ok thanks, im a country boy so this stuff is kinda out of my element, im searching through other posts for other info
    10-12-09 05:34 PM
  4. Jancy10's Avatar
    Some themes might cause the device to lag or run a bit slow, but if this happens just delete the theme and you will be ok
    10-12-09 05:35 PM
  5. luvitlo's Avatar
    A 128 mb card? Is that device memory or memory card, I didn't know any BB could store apps on the card. I got a 8230 and have 128 internal mem but I have a 8 GB card and fixing to upgrade to a 16GB.

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    10-12-09 08:17 PM
  6. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    The 128 mb is likely internal memory. How much memory do you currently have left?

    Also, I would definitely recommend storing all media (video, music, photos) on your media card, not devive memory. That should free up some memory for you.

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    10-12-09 10:12 PM
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    ok thanks everyone im still learning how to use this thing, but its crazy the things i can do with it. i brought up a topographic map of my property so i can show friends that hunt on my land where to go and how it looks. im a sophisticated redneck.
    10-20-09 05:13 PM
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    can anyone help me i just got a blackberry curve 8900 today and everytime i try to go on youtube it says "the XML is not well-formed" can anyone please help
    10-20-09 05:24 PM
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    Black berry 101 on the front page
    10-20-09 05:26 PM