1. boysdad's Avatar
    I have a Verizon Curve 8530. I have been using the OEM battery since I got the phone. I tried to put my old Seidio extended battery (from my 8330) in it, but it didn't work. I put the original battery back in, but now my phone wont boot up. I get a black screen that says "BlackBerry" and a progress bar (like old dial up Internet). When the progress gets all the way over, it just restarts all over again. No hourglass or anything.

    Help! THX
    05-17-10 07:22 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    so its in a constant reboot cycle?
    05-19-10 12:07 AM
  3. buford07's Avatar
    your phone is shot !!! mine did the same thing . i have the tour . they had to send me a replacement phone.
    05-19-10 09:33 AM