1. mrph81's Avatar
    Hi! I'm using my bb bold 9700 on o2 as a modem on my laptop which works fine no problems until I try to update my device software to os6 via desktop manager, soon as I start to update the software my mobile network connection cuts off, can anybody help?

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    07-11-11 05:05 AM
  2. daveycrocket's Avatar
    could it be that the updateing process in uninstalling reinstalling cuts the modem connection You may have to update via a different broadband connection, can you download to computer then update to phone
    07-11-11 05:23 AM
  3. mrph81's Avatar
    Yes that could be the problem as using the phone as modem and trying to update, I have no other broadband connection to use at the moment but I'll try to download to computer first, not sure how to do this though! Thanks for reply

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    07-11-11 05:48 AM
  4. daveycrocket's Avatar
    I would have thought that you may be given the option to save to computer or to the memory card as you would need it again to reinstall if its for the card it would be a cab file? As you can see not to sure myself how the blackberry update system works, but have updated many other phones, all the best
    07-11-11 06:22 AM
  5. mrph81's Avatar
    On the blackberry desktop software there's an option for device updates and when selected it automatically backs up your phone then starts the update straight to the phone via the usb and that's when it cuts my network off on my phone, but like you say it could be with me using the phone as a modem aswell an needing to use a different broadband connection, thanks for the help though and hopefully have it sorted soon

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    07-11-11 07:01 AM