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    I'm on at&t and about to buy a netbook to use for internet on the road. I see in the At&t webiste that most netbooks don't show as supported and none show supporting bluetooth with the Bold. I have searched and after reading many posts, I see it seems possible any many of you are doing it.. and without a tethering plan. I'm not sure if I'll go that route, it's only $15/month over and above the plan I have now but more importantly I want to be sure that it doesn't matter what netbook I buy and that it will work with the bold via bluetooth.

    also, any issue with windows 7 and tethering with bold?

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    another note on the tethering charge:

    when i called since I have unlimited data now (blackberry enterprise whatever plan $45/month), I would have to switch to the bb data plus tethering for $60/month. I don't mind the 15/month charge but the problem is they tell me I'll have to be removed from unlimited data to a 5 GB plan.

    they told me based on last 3 months usage, even with addition of tehtering, that I shouldn't even come close to 5 GB. How am I to know how much data I'm going to be using? I guess the point is this must be why people are tethering without signing up for the plan?
    I'm just worried as I'm not super IT guy and I see a lot of instructions etc.

    Especially with my new netbook that I want to buy which will most liekly have windows 7, is it going to be impossible to set up?

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