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    So today I was pondering what I want in a mobile phone after making a thread about possibly ditching my BB and going back to my iphone when I thought about something quite intriguing.

    Many cell phone makers try to sell us smartphones at a heavily subsidized price rarely approaching $250+ yet try to intrigue us with features such as:

    digital still camera
    digital video camera
    music player
    video player
    email/attachment (document editing and viewing)
    posting pics/vids to myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.

    any i'm sure there are more things(please feel free to add, this is an open post that I will update with your ideas)

    this is my theory. would I be willing to combine the price of devices that do all of those solely and uniquely and pay that for a mobile phone?

    basic phone that does speakerphone/sms/mms(less than $50 subsidized or in most cases FREE) $0-49

    6-8mp or higher digital still camera $199-499(respectable pricing for a good digital camera for recreational use)

    high resolution non-HD digital video camera $399-899(respectable pricing for a good digital camera for recreational use but the higher pricing most likely or assumed to be HD so we'll stick with the lower price to keep things consistent)

    ipod/zune/walkman/etc. $99-$299

    video only player(most of the above do this so i'll leave this price blank)

    handheld GPS device with software for locating restaurants, movies, anything you can think of, etc.

    since we're talking basic features and nothing extraordinary then for the last 3 sections(wifi, email with attachments and document editing, posting to social networking sites) i'll use a standard netbook for the example $300-700(not including macbook air which wasn't included for size/price reasons)

    considering that we are trying to keep this package as tidy and affordable as possible then lets just take the lowest price on each one.

    that puts us at a grand total of approximately $1200 possibly over 2000 for high end versions. taking into consideration the fact that we can't have the best of everything at a sub-300 dollar price tag and the fact that subsidization will not knock 1000 down to 250 then lets reasonably say we're at a 850 dollar price tag.

    Would you pay 900 dollars WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT for a 3G/WiFi GSM OR CDMA(your choice of GSM or CDMA or even both for an extra 50 or 100) phone with a full qwerty keyboard or touchscreen(but lets try to focus on it just being a qwerty keyboard) that does speakerphone/conference, SMS/MMS, posting to social networking sites, 6-8+ megapixel digital still/video camera, true GPS(not just aGPS), dedicated media player(audio and video), that also handles all of our push email needs including attachments and document editing with plenty of RAM to not have lag, a powerful processor, ability to multitask, and have a removable battery that you can change since obviously all of this will eat up the battery probably rather quickly.

    I personally would gladly pony up a one-time fee of $900 for a phone that does all of this since now that I own all of these devices, I realize how cumbersome it is to carry all of them and how much more money I have spent.

    BUT(watch out for the BUT before it smacks you in the face), I also realize that it isn't really feasible that a company could incorporate all of these features into something the size of a BB storm, curve, or iphone, nor could they make sufficient profit to stay in business and plus with all of the data being used we'd be paying $200 a month just for those data speeds for upkeep and expanding of the network.

    That being said, I understand all of this and thus I have no problem carrying my BB AND iphone and my digital camera knowing that I have most of these covered pretty well. BB and iphone is just because of business and the digital camera is because no cell phone to date takes a better picture than a true digital camera plus i dont want to eat up my phone batteries taking pictures. i don't always carry my netbook with me but occasionally I will cruise around with it since neither the BB or iphone screens/keyboards are conducive to heavy business usage. then again, neither is a netbook with the small keyboard(i have big hands) but it is a lot better than thumbing my way through dozens of emails and word/excel/powerpoint documents.

    Any thoughts on this?
    09-14-09 01:01 AM
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    Wow, seriously dude, you need to get a life or a GF/wife.

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    09-14-09 01:05 AM
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    actually my GF was the one that brought this to my attention. we were debating what kind of car to add to the stable and i want a sports sedan or something high performance but can carry 2-4 people comfortably to replace my E55 and she wants an SUV because we love to go snowboarding/mountain biking and something that is easy to take care of. the closest we could find was an infiniti FX50 or a bmw x5 but neither really excelled in any category that we wanted so we eventually realized we couldn't find a vehicle that served both of these needs in their entirety so i bought an E63 and she bought a 4Runner.

    but thanks for your valuable input and insightful comments...
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    09-14-09 01:38 AM
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    It was a joke, hence the wink. It just seemed that you spend a lot of time overanalyzing things.


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    09-14-09 01:50 AM
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    Check out the nokia n900, maybe it will have most/some of your requirements.
    09-14-09 02:01 AM
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    Check out the nokia n900, maybe it will have most/some of your requirements.
    I'd buy that immediately except for 1 thing which may not be a big deal. no 3G here in the US(except for a couple small carriers that i likely won't get coverage from.) Carrier frequencies/3G frequencies don't coincide with the operating frequencies of the N900.

    But that can easily be resolved with the MiFi that Verizon sells. Seriously considered, waiting for reviews from the big guys(BGR, CNET, engadget, etc.)

    09-14-09 02:26 AM
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    maybe another thread of indecisiveness
    09-14-09 09:22 PM