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    So today, my family decided to go for a family plan instead of going for induvidual plans with different carrier because it would save us some cash. I live in Winnipeg so we don't have Bell or Wind mobile here yet so they're outta the picture ofcourse. I spoke with Rogers today and since I had a contract with them for about 7 months, I decided to checkout their current family plans. There will be 5 members in the plan and what they were able to give me was

    - 1GB of shared data + unlimited social networking
    - 600 shared minutes (this is enough because only one member makes a lot of calls and the rest, mostly messaging)
    - unlimited text, video, and picture messaging
    - call display on all 5 phones, voicemail on one of the lines.
    - unlimited evenings and weekends from 6pm
    - unlimited nationwide calling and messaging between plan members
    - unlimted incoming calls on one of the lines
    - $50 off all phones on a 3 year contract
    All for $270 after tax and everything

    So obviously this is a good plan but the only deal breaker is the data cap. I don't think 1GB is not enough for 5 smartphones especially since 2 are android and one is an iPhone 4 which tend to use more data than me and my dad's blackberry. Wouldve been awesome if they let me keep my 6GB data I currently have and make it shared but unfortunately it wasn't possible. So my choices of carriers are Telus, MTS, and Virgin Mobile. Anyone who currently has a family/shared plan please share your plan details, carrier and how much you're paying or sugest some good plans for me and I'll do some research on my end. Thanks for all your inputs and help. Greatly appreciated

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