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    I have purchased two LCD screen protectors for my Blackberry Curve 8310, and have had no luck getting them on correctly. They both came with numbered tabs, one on the backing, and the other on the protective cover itself. Both being somewhat glued on. The tab on the backing was labeled 1, and said to remove before installation. It was to help peel the backing off. No problem there. The tab on the protective cover was labeled 2, and said to remove after installation. Now this is where I have trouble. When I tried to pull this tab off the first cover, it did like and sticker you try to pull off a window does. It peeled half way off, and left the rest. I was able to get the paper part of the tab off, but not the glue. It left a BIG mess, rendering the cover useless. The second protective cover I bought, I was able to get the tab #2 completely off the protective cover, but leaving scratches. I also was not able to get the protective cover to complete stick to the LCD screen. There were massive air bubbles, and no matter what I did, there they were. So, does anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong, or what I can do differently? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I am thinking about getting a ZAGG Invisible Shield. (for those who don't know what that is, I had to google it.)
    05-14-09 03:59 PM
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    Don't get Zagg, get BSE, same thing costs less:

    Best Skins Ever, Inc. Home Page
    05-14-09 04:04 PM
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    I have yet to find one that dose not peel over time from the left and right side cuz the screen is curved. when you apply it start from the bottom and go up slowly. squeezing out any bubbles with your thumbs.
    05-14-09 04:09 PM