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    Well, My contract with At&t is up in a few months, and I assume that I will be heading back to verizon. THe only problem is that I'm not sure what kind of phone to get Android vs. BB. The phone functions that are most Important to me-
    Good Phone
    Solid Keyboard(Must have physical kb)
    GPS-or google maps- basically I need a gps that is similar to the iPhone Version, which was actually very good.
    Applications such as Facebook, ESPN, weather, and Twitter. On my Iphone, there was an app called "around me" which basically showed where the nearest stores, restaurants, movie theaters ect. were. Something similar to this would also be important to me.

    And lastly, a DECENT browser.
    10-02-10 07:42 PM
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    BB is exactly where u would want to be heading to then. To be specific the 9650 which is the best bb out on verizon now and has already got the BB 6 update. If u don't know what BB6 is u can do ur research on but its basically the new OS RIM has developed and should be a step forward especially the new Webkit Browser. It has exactly all what u have listed (and also all other BBs on the market OS 5+) and not to mention it has way better battery life than the android phones. But for that around me app u have mentioned above, there's is a simular app called Poynt for bb which has all those features. Anyways good luck on ur selection!

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    10-02-10 08:14 PM
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    It sounds like an app similar to your around me would be poynt. I think its a great app and tells you all sorts of stuff including businesses and weather based on your gps location. One word of advice, make sure whatever blackberry you get (yes I would recommend bb over droid) make sure it has or is able to get os 6. I'm not sure phones verizon has right now but the 8520/8530 are not getting os 6 so don't bother with em!

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    10-02-10 08:55 PM
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    Is the keyboard on the BB's a lot better than the droids? I know it's preference but advice is still appreciated
    10-02-10 10:38 PM
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    BB physical keyboards are the best there are...no question.

    BUT, you should probably try different phones and see how it feels for you. In most respects I think something like the Droid 2 might be more up your alley despite the inferior keyboard. You get the larger screen for better maps and things, a much more powerful processor, the best mobile browser currently available, and great gmail email integration. Overall, the email is slower, of course, but better since you don't have the stupid "truncated" email issue that BB's suffer from.

    I'm a pretty diehard supporter of the BlackBerry, but the offerings right now are pretty weak and I personally wouldn't buy one. Hopeing that changes soon because I'd really like to stick with them next time around!
    10-03-10 02:23 AM
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    Take advantage of the 30 day window to test drive it out, and if not happy, you are out of whatever the re stocking fee is...IMO well worth it.

    Reason I say that is you may not like BB coming from iPhone...some do, some don't...rather see you be happy with a device.

    Me I have had both and prefer BB over iPhones anyday of the week as it fits my lifestyle better.

    Good luck!

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    10-03-10 07:05 AM
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    Being that you may be going back to Verizon, you may want to check out the Droid 2 Pro/Wold Edition or the HTC Lexicon/Merge as well as the Storm2 & the Bold 9650. Do your research before you buy & buy the device that suits you best.

    Also, try out the different physical/virtual keyboards out there. Blackberry had the market cornered for years, but you may find that other manufacturers have just as good, & in some cases better keyboards.
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    10-03-10 10:19 AM
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    Hmm that's interesting I never really knew you could try out any phone for 30 days and then return it for a different one. This really sounds like a good idea-Try out the best blackberry there is, and If I don't like it, I will get a Droid. Good idea.
    10-04-10 06:41 AM