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    Moved to Spain this month. Would love the new BBerry 9000 - or even the new BBerry flip phone if I could find it here.

    In the meantime, I will be here for next 3-5 yrs w/travel around Europe on hubby"s biz trips (about one trip or two every other month) and back to the US (Virginia/DC) 1-2x per yr.

    Cannot decide if best to stay w/my TMobile 8700 and Virginia (USA) plan,
    or get a Euro Sim card (T-Mobile gave me the unlock code),
    or to buy iPhone w/Movistar for either 0 or 34 euros and a plan (but cannot find info on Movistar re any data plan costs here or on Vodafone for the BBerry Curve 8310 - my other option.)

    I do not log onto the internet often from my BBerry, but do use my email CONSTANTLY. I will go with with a flat rate data plan, but cannot find on their websites how much.

    LOVE MY BLACKERRY! But my stepson says go for the iphone. I am a whiz at qwerty keyboard typing, not sure how I will like the iphone format in comparision on iphone.
    [Must say, I loathe the constant phone format change (also, ie: I drop-kicked the Office 2007 (stupid formatting!) on my laptop and loaded Office 2003 on my Vista system...)]

    Any words of advice? Re rate plans or phone models.

    Many thanks,

    14 Sept 08
    09-14-08 12:54 PM