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    I've searched Google and the Forums about this thing and nothing came up sooo...

    Is it possible to download a .jar file with a BlackBerry phone and save it on the media card without installing? For example: I'll download a .jar file on 4shared (with my phone, particularly on Opera Mini), when I click download file it takes me to the download page of the file. There are two options right? The Download button and the Cancel button, when I click Download, it automatically installs on the phone, there's no option to just save it on the media card. Is there an app to download .jar files to the media card? I've tried Aerize Card Loader and it doesn't seem to work, there's still no option to just save it to the card, I don't want it on the BlackBerry phone, just want it on the media card.

    Sorry if that was too long but please bear with me . I can't seem to explain it clearly and English is not my native language. Big Thanks!!

    Problem solved! Please delete or close this thread now.
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