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    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this fabulous site.

    I have just had a Curve 8310 and I just love it !! The best phone that I have ever owned, and believe me, I have had a few !! Most of them smart phones.
    In the past when needed I have manually configured the WAP settings as usually my provider did not have the automatic settings for me.
    I have the settings APM , IP code etc but have no idea were they go . . . i have searched but still can't figure it out. My provider is Tesco in the UK who use O2.

    Please help no MMS or net at the moment.
    03-07-08 07:06 AM
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    options, advanced options, TCP
    03-08-08 10:54 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Tesco do not sell BB tariff's to my knowledge, is it a pay and go sim? The BB will not work properly on pay and go, you will only get calls and texts.
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    03-08-08 10:56 AM
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    Hi H,
    Thanks for your reply, and to jcj! too.
    Yes it is pay as you go because I don't send enough for a contract, I do that on the works phone. O2 is the carrier and I know that I won't get email but I would like MMS.
    Thank you both for your input.
    03-09-08 04:05 AM
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    You will not get MMS on pay and go.

    Here are the uk carrier's APN settings but you are unlikely to get it to work on the BB.

    WebMessenger Inc. APN settings

    If you are interested you can run a BB for as little as 25 per month on an o2 contract - get a 15 simplicity sim (200 mins & 200 texts) then add the 10 Blackberry Internet Service tariff to it. This will give you all the BB functions. MMS would use your data allowance not your minutes.

    A simplicity sim has a minimum contract of 1 month only and the BIS is for a minimum of 6 months so you would have to keep the simplicity sim for the length of the BIS plan.
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    03-09-08 05:17 AM
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    Thanks Hazysky for the information I will give it consideration. I will let you know how I progress.

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    03-10-08 07:30 AM
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    Hi all i am struggling with this as well, I had a nokia C3 on tesco and everything worked as it should, just bought a Bold 9780 which is a much better phone, so my question/statement is, if its that good you must be able to do everything the C3 does and more ! I thought i would just need to set up a manual TCP/IP account and tesco would deal with my enquiry the same as all other makes and models, but unless I am doing something wrong I cant get it to work ? is anyone running a BB on tesco without paying the extra BB tax ?

    03-12-11 12:26 PM