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    I think I figured out the software down load. managed to get to the device manager. Managed to do a sync although I don't know where the info. went. Now, where is my calender, daytimer, to do list. Where does this information go? Some of my palm information went to my blackberry, but only up coming apppointments, past appointment that have client notes attached, did not transfer to my BB. I keep hearing and reading about outlook???? Is outlook organizer better then palm?

    1. How do I get my information on outlook?
    2. Is there a outlook version that I should be using?
    3. Can I have BB use my palm calender?

    I really need to understand how this software works, and where everything is going. I need my appointment and note to be archived on my BB to be able to recall meeting notes and follow ups.

    I also need help with set up on my phone like number of rings before it goes to voice mail.
    I'm even having a hard time navigating through this site to find the proper help.
    Please help...
    11-18-08 10:51 PM
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    BlackBerry does not have a desktop PIM like your Palm had. Instead, you use desktop manager to sync your BlackBerry to Outlook. You want to be using at least Outlook 2003. You can't use your palm calendar, but you can use the Switch Device Wizard in Desktop Manager to import the contents of your palm to your new BlackBerry.

    You'll need plenty of patience, because the BlackBerry way of doing things will be quite foreign at first. Give yourself time to get used to it and you'll probably like it. But it's very different.

    The Newbies tab at the top of the screen will help you learn to navigate the site.

    The number of rings before rolling to voicemail may be carrier controlled. There's no user setting for it on my Verizon 8830, but your Rogers Bold may be different.
    11-18-08 11:09 PM
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    Thanks for the info. my current outlook is 2000 I guess I need to up grade that first, beacuse as of now I can't view what my schedule looks like in the outlook calendar. This is a big think for me as I use my calendar for everything.
    How do I get all my palm info onto BB including past appointments and notes related to appointments?
    11-18-08 11:27 PM
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    I responded to your other post as well. Obviously you figured out how to find your response, since you found mine here.

    Outlook 2000 is too old for the current Desktop Managers, and you don't want to use the older versions of Desktop Manager because if you ask questions, the answers will most likely be based on the newer versions and there are significant operational and User Interface differences.

    Notes related to appointments may be a problem. I've been on Outlook and BlackBerry so long, I don't remember if appointment notes were included in the import or not.

    Past appointments may or may not be a problem. Get Outlook 2003 and see if that helps. And don't throw away your Palm just yet. You may need to export your calendar in some specific format in case the Switch Device Wizard doesn't do the job completely.

    I'm sorry, but I've got to turn in now. Good luck, and welcome to CrackBerry. Somebody will always be here for you.
    11-18-08 11:36 PM